Freedom Journals #1


Hello!  After a long blog silence it is time to share with you, both those who are able to be a part of House of Prayer Salinas gatherings and what God is doing here in Salinas and those who live afar!!!

I (Elizabeth) am beginning a series called The Freedom Journals!  I originally wrote this first “entry” on March 23, 2015.  It feels like it is time to continue with these “journals” of freedom!  So relevant in my life right now & hopefully will be for each of you as well. Be very blessed… This first post is written first person as I was hearing/ sensing  from the Holy Spirit as He spoke to me.  This is very much for all of you as well!!!  Be encouraged & blessed!  For those of you who are men and reading this, wherever Papa God speaks to me as a daughter, you can replace that with it with son and let Him personalize it just for you.


“Hear my heart! Hear my mind! Hear what I have established before time to show you – My love and blessing! Let yourself be filled in Me.

I am showing you a new way to master what you are feeling and experiencing. In the past it has come through choices, choices of how you act, how you think, what you do. But now there is a deeper work going on, one that goes to the core of your being. There will be no “work” in this work that I am doing. It will come completely out of rest. All threat and fear is gone. No self-control to avoid negative consequences. This will be fresh and bring freshness. This contains no discipline, but pure abiding, pure resting, pure trust and deep, deep obedience to the things I’ve already shown you and placed inside you. Rest in me my daughter, let Me, the wind of My Spirit carry you as you walk today. Let Me show you the treasures I have for you. Deep abiding + deep rest = Even deeper Joy!

Cast your burdens onto Me. Refuse to carry them. Don’t pick them up. Don’t even tarry too long in their presence. The deed of ownership has been transferred to Me. They no longer belong to you – so leave them for Me. I am perfectly capable of carrying them for you and I know what to do with them.

Some will be washed and cleansed, some will be redeemed, some will be disposed of eternally, some will be recycled and reused for my greater purposes. Not all the burdens you carry are bad. Some are just not for you, some are things from the past that you were given to carry for a season, but that season is done. Others are things others are to carry, that I created uniquely suited for them, but when you pick it up it’s a burden rather than an assignment from Me. Carry only the things I’ve assigned to you and then only do that in partnership and relationship with Me!

And now my daughter, rest. Rest deeply, rest completely. Still your soul… wait…. Let Me minister my deep, deep rest to your soul. Activate your spirit as you let your soul rest deeply! Breathe in my breath of life, breathe in my sustenance, breathe in my peace and make it yours.

Wait, listen, tarry, rest… These are words for this season. Much is accomplished, radically great things for the Kingdom happen through deep, abiding rest.”

Cast your burdens onto Jesus because He cares for you!

“Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For My yoke is easy and My burden is light.”                     Matthew 11:28-30


Prague Missions Trip for Rachel & Beth

Our daughters, Rachel & Beth have an awesome opportunity to go to Prague on an outreach / exchange trip with other students and staff from their school!  They are excited about this opportunity and are in the process of fund raising!  We wanted to share with you information about the trip, the impact it has had in the past on the students they have interacted with in Prague while visiting schools and also working with Roma children.  We also want to let you know how you can help Rachel & Beth get to Prague (Praha) if you would like to!  Be sure and check out the video that has people sharing about the past trips and the impact it has had.  Blessings!

For more info or to give a donation click here to go to Rachel & Beth’s YouCaring page!

Current Events – House of Prayer Salinas – June


Here’s the scoop for the rest of June!   Gatherings at House of Prayer Salinas (HOPS) located @ 925 S Main Street, Salinas – enter off the back parking lot!  Next to Jurrasic Pets. All our welcome!

Monday – June 22nd, 7pm  Fellowship – Worship – Prayer/ preparing for the HOPS dedication!

Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 9.08.43 PM

Friday, June 26th, 7 pm
Dedication Celebration for House of Prayer Salinas

Invitation Dedication